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Numerical solution of Bratu’s boundary value problem based on Green’s function and a novel iterative scheme Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad(), Muhammad Arshad(),Kifayat Ullah(),麻振华 2023-10-23 SCI(I) Boundary Value Problems
Discussion on the calculation method for formaldehyde diffusion coefficient in building materials 张新
张新,李彦红,宋秋璇() 2023-06-01 EI Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Mechanical, Electronic Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Strain Effects of Quaternary Heusler Alloy FeMnZnZ (Z = Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) 贾利云 许佳玲 贾利云,王涛(),周杨,任海(),许佳玲 2023-05-23 其他SCI Indian Journal of Physics
On fixed point results in F -metric spaces with applications Hanadi Zahed
Hanadi Zahed(),麻振华,Jamshaid Ahmad() 2023-05-15 SCI(I) AIMS Mathematics
A novel PES-C/(GO-COOH/Ce) blended membrane for treating heavy-metal-ion wastewater 张杰
张杰(),李柏凝(),薛红丹,张春燕(),李金晶(),周树晶() 2023-04-23 SCIE High Performance Polymers
Posterior corneal elevation changes during 12 month of  overnight orthokeratology 王佐承
王佐承,Zengying Wang(),Yifei Meng(),Pengfei Wang(),Shaniya Yibulayin(),Bohua Jiang(),Xufei Bian(),Tianya Gao(),Zhipeng Yan() 2023-03-27 其他SCI heliyon
层状各向异性地层中含环状天线槽随钻方位电磁波测井几何因子算法 于蕾
于蕾(),汪宏年(),王浩森,殷长春() 2023-03-15 SCIE 地球物理学报
MCS-YOLO: A Multiscale Object Detection Method for Autonomous Driving Road Environment Recognition 曹伊宁 李超 曹伊宁(),李超,彭雅坤(),茹慧英 2023-03-03 SCI(II) IEEE ACCESS
The Influence of CO2 Curing on the Mechanical Performance and the Corresponding Chloride Ion Resistance of Alkali-Activated Compound Mineral Admixtures 彭玲 杨俊超 靳晓庆 彭玲,杨俊超,汪晖(),靳晓庆 2022-12-7 SCIIII区) Coatings
N-Tuples of weighted noncommutative Orlicz space and some geometrical properties Liu Bo
Liu Bo(),麻振华,邓全才,Zhang Aihua(),Wang Guoping() 2022-11-20 SCI(I) Open Mathematics
Debate and discussion of VOCs diffusion coefficient derivation process for the Bodalal model 张新
张新,王利民,陈海江() 2022-10-12 EI Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences
Fixed point results for generalized contractions in controlled metric spaces with applications 麻振华
麻振华,Jamshaid Ahmad(), Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei() 2022-10-09 SCI(I) AIMS Mathematics
On the convergence of an iterative process for enriched Suzuki nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces Thabet Abdeljawad
Thabet Abdeljawad(),Kifayat Ullah(),Junaid Ahmad(),Muhammad Arshad(),麻振华 2022-09-18 SCI(I) AIMS Mathematics
水泥搅拌桩在冀北软土路基的加固效果及路基沉降分析研究 彭玲 彭玲 彭玲 2022-08-08
基于光谱结构特性的马铃薯干腐和疮痂病识别方法研究 李鸿强
李鸿强,孙红(),李民赞() 2022-08-05 SCIIII区) 光谱学与光谱分析
Analytical Approaches on the Attractivity of Solutions for Multiterm Fractional Functional Evolution Equations 李香玲
李香玲,Azmat Ullah Khan Niazi(),Farva Hafeez(),Reny George(),Azhar Hussain() 2022-06-21 SCIIII区) Journal of Function Spaces
preparation and visible-light photocatalytic activity of Bi5+ doped Bi2WO6 nanoflowers 杜春晖 王克 杜春晖,马晓欣,薛红丹,王甫丽,杨海军,张礼刚,马丽红,贾利云,王克 2022-05-25 其他SCI BULLETIN OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Hamacher Weighted Aggregation Operators Based on Picture Cubic Fuzzy Sets and Their Application to Group Decision-Making Problems 李彦红
李彦红,Rabia Ambrin(),Muhammad Ibrar(),Muhammad Ali Khan() 2022-05-06 其他SCI Security and Communication Networks
Cloud-Based Android Intelligent Voice and Enterprise Economic Statistics System Design 赵丽娟 钟丽华 赵丽娟,钟丽华 2022-04-13 SCIIII区) Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Double Mask R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection in a Crowd 刘丛强 王浩森 刘丛强(),王浩森,刘春见() 2022-03-22 SCIE Mobile Information Systems
Stability Analysis of a Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey Model Pei Yao
Pei Yao(),王佐承, Lingshu Wang() 2022-03-17 其他SCI Journal of Mathematics
Characteristics of Thin Films of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Fe1.1Ti0.9O3− δ Under the Pulsed Laser Deposition Method at Different Substrate Temperatures 许佳玲 贾利云 许佳玲,苏莹(),贾利云,马丽(),宋平(),赵领军,刘朴,王涛(),侯登录() 2022-03-01 其他SCI JOURNAL OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND NOVEL MAGNETISM
An Efficient Iterative Procedure for Proximally Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings and a Class of Boundary Value Problems Kifayat Ullah
Kifayat Ullah(),Junaid Ahmad(),Muhammad Arshad(),麻振华,Thabet Abdeljawad() 2022-02-24 其他SCI Axioms
Prototype design and performance test of a cosmic ray tracker 张凌峰
张凌峰(),董永伟(),刘雅清(),马丽双(),吴琪(),颜敏(),彭硕(),钱森(),王翠平,王志刚() 2022-02-01 其他SCI,SCIE Journal of Instrumentation
3-D Finite Volume Modeling for LWD Azimuthal Propagation Resistivity Tool With Multiple Annular Antenna Recesses Using Coupled Potentials on Cylindrical Grids Yu Lei
Yu Lei(),汪宏年(),王浩森,杨守文(),殷长春() 2022-01-02 SCIE,SCI(II) IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Approximation of Fixed Points for Enriched Suzuki Nonexpansive Operators with an Application in Hilbert Spaces Kifayat Ullah
Kifayat Ullah(),Junaid Ahmad(),Muhammad Arshad(),麻振华 2021-12-29 其他SCI Axioms
基于实例的机床零件工艺设计 刘保华
刘保华 2021-12-18
Convergence results on Picard-Krasnoselskii hybrid iterative process in CAT(0) spaces Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad(), Kifayat Ullah(),Muhammad Arshad(),Manuel de la Sen(),麻振华 2021-11-12 其他SCI Open Mathematics
Crystalline lens thickness change is associated with axial length elongation  and myopia progression in orthokeratology Zengying Wang
Zengying Wang(),Yifei Meng(),王佐承,Lili Hao(),Vania Rashidi(),Haiyan Sun(),Jun Zhang(),Xiaokun Liu(),Xuemin Duan(),Zhaocai Jiao(),Sufang Qie(),Zhipeng Yan() 2021-11-01 其他SCI Contact Lens and Anterior Eye
Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of various surfaces of TiHfIrZ  (Z = Al and Ga) quaternary Heusler alloy Yan Yang
Yan Yang(),周杨, Jun-Tao Song(), Zhong Ying Feng() 2021-09-26 其他SCI Thin Solid Films
含环状天线槽正交方位随钻电磁波测井仪器三维有限体积法数值模拟 于蕾
于蕾(),王浩森,汪宏年(),杨守文(),殷长春() 2021-09-15 SCIIII区) 地球物理学报
Fixed Point Results for Rational Orbitally (Θ, δb)-Contractions with an Application 麻振华
麻振华,Jamshaid Ahmad(),Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei(),Durdana Lateef() 2021-07-01 其他SCI Journal of Function Spaces
Rotation-translation coupling of a double-headed Brownian motor in a traveling-wave potential 吴魏霞
吴魏霞(),李晨璞,宋艳丽(),韩英荣(),郑志刚() 2021-06-01 SCI(II) Frontiers of Physics
GrabCut Algorithm Fusion of Extreme Point Features 李超 赵晓珍 李超,赵晓珍,茹慧英 2021-05-21 EI ISAI 2021
Failure Effect of Seismic Faults and the Slope Stability Along Highways Under Seismic Hazards Based on Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and Genetic Algorithm 李彦红 李彦红 李彦红,郭增(),景海斌,李鸿强,邓全才 2021-05-02 EI Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
地暖辐射传热的三维模拟研究 蒋晓熙 王浩森 蒋晓熙(),王浩森 2021-05-01
环状刻槽钻铤中随钻方位电磁波响应的混合算法 汪宏年
汪宏年(),于蕾(),王浩森,杨守文(),殷长春() 2021-05-01 SCIIII区) 地球物理学报
Graphical Analysis of Covering and Paired Domination in the Environment of Neutrosophic Information Sami Ullah Khan
Sami Ullah Khan(),Abdul Nasi(), Naeem Jan(),麻振华 2021-04-20 EI,SCIE Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Variational multiscale virtual element method for the convection-dominated diffusion problem 谢聪
谢聪,王刚(),冯新龙() 2021-02-20 SCI(I) Applied Mathematics Letters
Viscosity explicit analysis for finite element methods of time-dependent Navier–Stokes equations 谢聪
谢聪,王坤() 2021-02-15 SCI(II) Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
李香玲 2021-02-01 SCIE Dynamic Systems and Applications 30 (2021) No.2, 197-218
Li(Na)AuS体系拓扑绝缘体材料的能带结构 许佳玲
许佳玲,贾利云,刘超,吴全,赵领军 2021-01-20 其他SCI 物理学报
A New Iterative Method for Suzuki Mappings in Banach Spaces Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad(), Kifayat Ullah(),Muhammad Arshad(),麻振华 2021-01-15 其他SCI Journal of Mathematics
Compact Operators Under Orlicz Function 麻振华
麻振华,纪奎(),李玉成() 2020-12-30 其他SCI Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics
Fuzzy Collaborative Clustering of Multi-sensor Images 赵晓珍 李超 赵晓珍(),李超,茹慧英 2020-12-19 EI ICNC-FSKD 2020
Research Article On R-Partialb-Metric Spaces and Related Fixed Point Results with Applications Muhammad Usman Ali
Muhammad Usman Ali(),郭雅静,Fahim Uddin(),Hassen Aydi(),Khalil Javed(),麻振华 2020-12-01 SCI(I) journal of function spaces
用传播矩阵法研究层状交错地层中的多分量感应测井 康庄庄
康庄庄(),汪宏年(),王浩森,杨守文(),殷长春() 2020-11-01 SCIIII区) 地球物理学报
Fixed point theorems for set-valued G-contractions in a graphical convex metric space with applications Lili Chen
Lili Chen(), Yanfeng Zhao(), Ni Yang(),麻振华 2020-10-01 其他SCI J. Fixed Point Theory App
Directed transport of coupled Brownian motors in a two-dimensional traveling-wave potential 吴魏霞 李晨璞 吴魏霞(),郑志刚(),宋艳丽(),韩英荣(),孙志城(),李晨璞 2020-08-15 SCIIII区) Chinese Physics B
Efficient finite-volume simulation of the LWD orthogonal azimuth electromagnetic response in a three-dimensional anisotropic formation using potentials on cylindrical meshes 王浩森
王浩森,杨守文(),汪宏年(),殷长春() 2020-06-30 SCIIII区) APPLIED GEOPHYSICS
随钻正交方位电磁波三维有限体积法快速模拟 王浩森
王浩森,杨守文(),汪宏年(),殷长春() 2020-06-30
Analysis of F-contractions in function weighted metric spaces with an application 麻振华
麻振华,Awais Asif(),Hassen Aydi(),Sami Ullah Khan(),Muhammad Arshad() 2020-06-30 SCIIII区) Open Mathematics
Fixed Point Theorems for Z ϑ -Contraction and Applications to Nonlinear Integral Equations 李香玲
Streamline Diffusion Virtual Element Method for Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems Li Yuxia
Li Yuxia(),谢聪,Feng Xinlong() 2020-02-01 SCIE East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics